Alternative Dispute Resolution (Schulz)

Course Title:
Alternative Dispute Resolution (Schulz)
Course Number:
LAW 3170
Course Description:

Topics in Dispute Resolution is an advanced ADR course for which the second year course, Negotiation, is a pre-requisite.

This is a 3 credit hour perspective research paper course. It offers an in-depth exploration of key dispute resolution topics. The topics studied will change from year to year, reflecting new developments in the field and student interest.

Prerequisite for this course is Negotiations.

Active participation is expected and class enrollment is therefore limited to 16 students.

Teaching Method:

Seminar style, lecture, discussion, small group work, etc.


Assignment, commentaries, group presentation and research paper

Course Materials:

Ewert et al., Choices in Approaching Conflict: Understanding the Practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution