Business Law Externship

Course Title: Business Law Externship
Course Number: 3990
Course Description:

The Externship (Business Law Clinical Externship leading to a Clinical Pathway in Business Law) is a practical business clinical course involving various aspects of solicitors’ work, including interviewing, negotiating, counselling, drafting and memo writing. The course takes a practice-based, inter-disciplinary approach in order to develop broader understanding of counsel’s role within the wider business and corporate context. Emphasis will be on transactional matters and business development, integrating questions of professional responsibility and ethics into the course.

The focus is on business needs, particularly in the early stages of starting the business but also those as the enterprise develops and expands, considering the evolution of a business and the needs of its founders/owners as the business grows from an idea to an operational entity, through successive entrepreneurial developments. Participants will be required to seek solutions that consider legal and practical challenges in order to better understand and address the clients’ needs, integrating multiple aspects of business law as it applies to matters facing private enterprise.


Term: 100%**
A clinical internship practice experience.
A Record & Reflective Journal (Details to follow.)

Record & Reflective Journal***
Students are expected to maintain a reflective journal during the course of the internship. Reflective journals are personal records of students’ learning experiences. A hard copy of the weekly journal entry must be kept submitted to the Professor at the end of each term. (Details to follow.)
20% Identifying ethical and professional conflicts and challenges.
40% Business Case Study (Details to follow.)
40% Legal Challenges and Opportunities. (Details to follow.).
** Subject to variations.