Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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LAW 3940
Course Description

Students will read and engage with a variety of perspectives on particular Charter rights, the legitimacy of judicial review under the Charter, and the capacity of the Charter to address significant social issues such as, for example, environmental rights, religious freedoms, and gender equality. Course content and readings will focus on recent, current and emerging Charter issues, including in Charter interpretation, Charter application, resolving the claims of differently situated rights holders and the Charter rights of Indigenous claimants.

Students will have the opportunity to closely examine emerging Charter issues and cases through class discussion. This class aims to introduce students to Charter provisions not discussed in other courses and to deepen students’ understanding of under-studied areas of Charter interpretation.

Teaching Method



Research Paper

Course Materials

Selection of academic writing, judicial decisions, and case filings (facta, pleadings, etc) posted on course UMLearn page


Dayna Steinfeld