Civil Procedure (McCandless)

Course Number
LAW 2672
Course Description

This course covers the procedural elements of a civil lawsuit as it progresses toward a potential trial, focusing on the Court of Queen’s Bench Rules. We will discuss procedural decisions that litigators must consider on topics such as: parties and standing; costs awards; limitation periods; motions; discovery; procedural aspects of a trial; and appeals. We will also discuss specific considerations for Indigenous clients and Access to Justice issues.

Teaching Method

Combination of lectures and discussion questions focused on assigned readings.


• Two drafting exercises, each worth 15% of your final mark (30% total)
• An open book final exam worth 70% of your final mark

Course Materials

Required: Janet Walker et al., The Civil Litigation Process, 9th ed (Emond, 2021)
Recommended: Karen Busby, Manitoba Queen’s Bench Rules 2023 (Carswell)