Constitutional Law (MacNeil)

Course Number
LAW 1460
Course Description

A general introduction to the constitutional law of Canada with concentration on division of powers, Aboriginal rights, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Teaching Method

As the class usually has approximately 35 students, a combination of lectures and question and answer teaching methods are used. This will include occasional use of practice problems.


You will have a final exam in April worth up to 100% of your mark. There will be a mid-term in December worth up to 30% of your mark (if it helps your final mark). There will be two quizzes (one during fall term, one during winter term) worth up to 10% each (if they help your final mark). You also have an opportunity to receive a 2% participation bonus depending upon the quality of your interventions in class.

Course Materials

Required text is Mathen & Macklem, Canadian Constitutional Law, 6th ed (Toronto: Emond, 2022).