Constitutional Law (Gunn)

Course Title: Constitutional Law (Gunn)
Course Number: LAW 1460
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Course Description:

A general introduction to the constitutional law of Canada with concentration on division of powers, Aboriginal constitutional law and the Charter.

Teaching Method:

As the class usually has approximately 35 students, a combination of lectures and question and answer teaching methods are used.


A 40% open book examination generally on division of powers will be held during the December examination period; an essay on Aboriginal constitutional law (worth 20%) will be due in January and a final open book examination on the Charter worth 40% will be held during the April examination period.

Course Materials:

Students are required to purchase Canadian Constitutional Law (4th ed) (available from the UofM Bookstore or used copies may also be available from other students). A supplement including key constitutional documents will be distributed to students in class. Additional materials will be available on the Angel website as announced in class or by email.


Brenda Gunn