Constitutional Law (Kennedy & MacNeil)

Course Number:
LAW 1460
Course Description:

A general introduction to the constitutional law of Canada with concentration on division of powers, Aboriginal rights, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Teaching Method:

As the class usually has approximately 35 students, a combination of lectures and question and answer teaching methods are used, including portions of the class where “breakout rooms” are facilitated via Microsoft Teams.


A 40% open book examination generally on division of powers will be held during the December examination period; an essay on Aboriginal constitutional law (worth 20%) will be due in January and a final open book examination on the Charter worth 40% will be held during the April examination period.

Course Materials:

The final exam period in April will feature an exam that will be worth up to 100% of students’ final marks. A mid-term exam in December will be worth up 30% of students’ final marks, but only if they improve the final marks. Two quizzes (one in November, one in February), each worth 10%, will similarly count towards final marks, but only if they improve the final marks. A potential for Participation “Bonus” exists for students who enrich the class with high quality participation, if doing so is possible while complying with Faculty of Law curving requirements.