Course Number
LAW 1102
Course Description

The course will provide students with a general introduction to the law of contracts.  Topics include a discussion of the essential elements of contracts, particularly agreement, intention, and consideration; vitiating factors; protection of weaker parties; contractual rights and obligations; and remedies. The extent to which contract law can be used to understand treaties between the indigenous peoples and the Crown will be explored.

Teaching Method



Mid Term Exam: 20%
Final Exam: 80%

Course Materials

A casebook created by the Instructor, in collaboration with other Instructors of the course, available at the University Bookstore.
Additional optional texts:
John D. McCamus, The Law of Contracts, 3d ed (Irwin Law, 2020). (Recommended)
Stephen M. Waddams, Law of Contracts, 7th ed (Canada Law Book, 2017). (Recommended)