Family Law (Turnbull)

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This course provides an overview of key legal issues regarding family relationships and the breakdown of those relationships in Canadian society. Treaties, Indigenous legal systems, and the responsibilities articulated in Call to Action #28 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are woven into the readings assignments, class discussions and delivery of this course and are a foundation for developing as an ethical practitioner. The course engages with the diversity of Canadian families, their particular needs and challenges, including looking at diverse cultural practices, the needs and experiences of Queer families, and the impacts of ongoing colonialism on Indigenous families as well as legal developments that are making space for Indigenous laws and sovereignty.



On-going interim assessments are included in the evaluation for this course, including critical analyses of weekly readings and a professional identity reflection. The final exam is an open book take-home exam worth 50% of the final mark.

Course Materials

All resources can be found on UMLearn, including required statutory provisions, cases, articles, book chapters, videos, newspaper stories, etc that engage with the broad themes of this course and the skills students are developing. Course readings are mandatory unless otherwise indicated. Content will be clearly marked if it is optional.