Income Tax Law and Policy (Turnbull)

Course Title: Income Tax Law and Policy (Turnbull)
Course Number: LAW 2700
Course Description:

The introductory tax course is primarily concerned with personal income taxation. The objective is to develop a working knowledge of the basic principles and rules of the income tax system as these apply to individuals. A parallel objective is the discovery of the major policy decisions that inform the personal income tax system and the development of the ability to use tax policy analysis to evaluate advantages of, and problems with, the current system.

The course does not cover in any detail other types of taxes such as the GST (goods and services tax) or local property taxes, although the general nature of these and other taxes may be discussed briefly. Nor does this course deal extensively with the special rules for the income taxation of business vehicles such as corporations, partnerships and trusts. Some of the basic elements of corporate taxation will be introduced. Students interested in tax law should consider taking either or both of two other tax law courses, Corporate Tax and Estate Tax.

Teaching Method:

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Course Materials:

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