Law and Resistance (Khoday)

Course Title:
Law and Resistance (Khoday)
Course Number:
LAW 3364
Course Description:

This course examines the intersections between law and resistance and a number of related themes. Resistance has played a role in helping to shape law, as well as legal and political systems. Law has also served to legitimize and validate some forms/acts of resistance. The course examines a number of sources including international law, legislation and case law, in addition to academic writings. The course may delve into a number of possible thematic areas:

• Defining of resistance
• Gender, law and resistance
• Armed resistance and terrorism
• Military desertions and conscientious objection
• Indigenous Peoples and resistance
• Disability rights and resistance to ableism
• LGBTQ resistance
• Resistance through the arts and sports

The foregoing themes will intersect with various doctrinal areas of law including: criminal law and defences, refugee law, extradition law, military law, constitutional law, and human rights law.

This course will be offered in the Fall 2021 semester. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, the course will be offered online via Zoom.

Teaching Method:

Seminar style.


• Major research paper (7,500-10,000 words excluding footnotes) – 65%
• Paper Proposal – 10%
• Participation – 25%
o Positive class contributions throughout the semester – 10%
o Discussant role – 10%
Each student will be expected to serve as a discussant for at least one class session during the semester. A seminar discussant assumes a more active and leading role in responding to questions posed by the instructor or other class participants.
o Paper presentation – 5%

Course Materials:

A compilation of articles, legislation, cases, and other materials available on UM Learn or other sources. No textbook will be used.