Legal Methods (Torrie)

Course Title: Legal Methods (Torrie)
Course Number: LAW 1540
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Course Description:

This course serves as the cornerstone of the student’s legal education. Skills acquired in Legal Methods LAW1540 will be used throughout law school and professional practice.

Following completion of this course, students will have developed a basic understanding of the following; legal research and writing, legal analysis, oral advocacy, statutory interpretation, legal citation, professional standards and responsibilities.

As future professionals, students are required to conduct themselves professionally. Students are expected to read the assigned materials, complete the online modules, attend the in-person classes, and complete all course assignments.

Teaching Method:

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This course is assessed on a Pass/Fail basis, and students must pass all quizzes, assignments, and in-person exercises in order to pass the course. Please note that attendance is mandatory.

Course Materials:

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Dr. Virginia Torrie