Legal Negotiation

Course Number
LAW 2680
Course Description

This course is intended to provide law students with a practical introduction to the most common method of resolving cases/disputes. Informed by theoretical underpinnings and practiced through in-class exercises, students will learn effective methods for negotiating in a number of different situations and through different forms (including email, videoconferencing, and telephone). Subject matter experts will present on Indigenous topics related to negotiation.

Teaching Method

This is a clinical course, and attendance in class is mandatory. The course involves lectures by instructors as well as coaching by lawyers. Students will practice various negotiation skills through class exercises, written plans, discussions of fact problems, workshops, and a final major negotiation exercise.


This is a pass-fail course. Students earn a pass by attendance, participation in class exercises, and satisfactory written plans and participation in workshops and at the final negotiation exercise. The top 32 negotiators in the course are selected to compete in the Annual Robson Hall Negotiation Competition, with an opportunity to potentially advance to further negotiation competitions.

Course Materials

Mandatory text: Jay Folberg & Dwight Golann, Lawyer Negotiation: Theory, Practice, and Law, 3rd ed (New York: Wolters Kluwer, 2016).
Supplemental materials will also be made available through UM Learn.