Property (Irvine)

Course Number
LAW 1500
Course Description

A general introduction to the principles of property law including both personal and real property law. Personal property law focuses on the concept of possession through finders, gifts and bailment. Real property includes the concepts of estates and interests in land including their historical development and modern application.

Property law might fairly be described as two courses, yoked by force together but in truth quite different in their history, their central doctrines and “flavour”, though amenable to comparison on some levels and in some contexts. In this course we deal with Personal Property in the first semester, and Real Property in the second.

Teaching Method

A combination of lectures and question and answer are used in class.


A 40% closed book examination on the material covered during the first term will be held during the December examination period; and a final closed book examination on the entire year worth 60% will be held during the April examination period.

Course Materials

A few books worthy of mention on Personal Property:
• Crossley Vaines on Person Property, 5th ed., 1973, ed. Tyler and Palmer.
[Not in print, but on Reserve in Library}
• Brown on Personal Property, 3rd ed. (1975) – the leading American student text
-same comments apply.

Specialized Monographs:
• Palmer on Bailment (3rd ed., 2009); replacing the older Paton on Bailment, long out of print.

General Text on Property, both Real and Personal:
• Ziff, Bruce, “Property Law Reader,” (3rd ed., 2012).
• Ziff, Bruce, “Principles of Property Law,” (7th ed., 2018). – Worth consideration for purchase, especially for the second term.
• Mossman MJ & Girard, “Property Law,” (3rd ed., 2014).
• Da Costa, Balfour and Gillese, “Property Law: Case texts and Materials,” (2nd ed., 1990).
• Plus: Voluminous case-law, articles etc., available on UMLearn.