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LAW 3030
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Details in each case to be worked out with the Associate Dean.

In appropriate cases, the Faculty may permit a student to do a substantial research paper in lieu of one 3 credit-hour Course. Permission to take this option must be obtained from the Associate Dean, who will require from the student the special application form, containing:
a) An outline by the applicant of the proposed research.
b) A statement by a member of the Faculty with special competence in the area of law with which the paper is concerned that,
(i) (s)he has examined the research proposal and believes it to be sufficiently worthwhile and substantial to be the subject of a paper to count for three hours of credit;
(ii) (s)he is prepared to supervise the research work and to assess the paper.

In determining whether a proposal is to be approved, the following are among the matters that will be considered:
a) the importance, originality and challenge of the proposed paper;
b) the scope and difficulty of the proposed work;
c) the academic record of the applicant, as evidence of capacity for such work;
d) the proposed arrangements for supervision.

Approval will not be given for a topic substantially based on, or covering, work already done or being done in other Courses or outside. The words “or outside” mean that a research paper cannot be based solely on the research done for another purpose, including a summer research job and certainly you could not submit as a research paper a report done for another purpose. However, you can do a research paper which builds upon research done for another purpose, including a summer job, which involves significant additional research for the purpose of the research paper. Although the Research Paper may be completed in first term, the credit will be given in second term.

A Research Paper must be a minimum of 10,000 words, excluding footnotes and bibliography.

The Research Paper option can only be selected once in either Second or Third Year. That is to say, a student cannot do more than one Research Paper for credit towards the J.D. degree.

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