Scholarly Publications I & II (Short)

Course Number
LAW 3822
Course Description

The editors of the Canadian Journal of Human Rights who successfully complete their assigned tasks may opt for the Canadian Journal of Human Rights credit.

Extended Course Description

This course is a key component of the clinical program offered in the Robson Hall Faculty of Law.  The course will provide students with hands-on experience in working with scholarly writing.  Students will develop their evaluation and critical analysis skills through the process of editing for publication all submissions to the CJHR. Responsibility for completing full substantive and copy edits on two or three articles during the course of the year will foster research and writing skills.  Interpersonal skills will be developed in working with authors on their manuscripts and in supervising and managing the work of junior editors.

The responsibilities of the Student Editors lie in three main areas:

(a) attending classes/meetings;

(b) editorial tasks;

(c) supervision and training of junior editors.