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Application for Deferral or Extension – Non SAS requests: This form is for a single deferral or extension. If you have multiple requests, please fill out this form for each request. Deferrals are for examinations/tests. Extensions are for assignments/papers. 

Request for an Excused Absence – Non SAS requests: This form is for a request for an excused absence in a course. If your inquiry is related to an SAS accommodation.

Final Exam Viewing Form: This form is not currently available. Please email for any questions.

Verification of Student Illness or Injury: This form must be completed by a licensed medical practitioner. Please present this to your physician, surgeon, registered psychologist, or dentist.  Completion of this form does not guarantee that special consideration will be granted. Not currently required.

Warranty and Undertaking: This form must be completed in advance of final exams and will be kept on file with the Associate Dean J.D. office. Students will not be permitted to write any exam until this task is completed.