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Please read all information very carefully before making your selections.

We recommend you first look at class and exam timetables before making selections.

Timetables:  Updated August 13, 2021

Year one – Fall Term 2021
Year one – Winter Term 2022

Upper Years – Fall Term 2021
Upper Years – Winter Term 2022 

Students will not be able to register themselves for the Moots, Research Paper, Court Clerkship, Internships and Publications courses. These courses require Associate Dean’s office approval. We will register students in those courses.

You will again be able to add and drop courses until September 22nd for fall term and January 17th for winter term courses.

Please check your Aurora account after August 28 to make sure you are properly registered.  You must have the required 30 credits, including required courses and a perspective course in both second and third year.


General Registration Information for All Law Students

Please keep your full program in mind as you decide which courses to take each year. Course Descriptions are available on the Faculty of Law website. Please Contact your instructors directly if you require more information about any particular course descriptions. Your instructors may make some changes to the method of evaluation for the course, so it is important to confirm the evaluation method and other details with the instructor at the first class.

You can verify your course schedule for the year in your Aurora student account as soon as you have registered. You will be able to access your fee statement at the same time. Be sure to pay by the deadline TBC for the fall term. Failure to make payment by the deadline will result in a Hold being placed on your records and cancellation of your Winter Term registration.  Please note the Faculty of Law has nothing to do with fees; you must deal directly with the Registrar's Office and the Cashier's Office.

You may change your course selections after you have registered. The fall deadline for registration revision is TBA.  The winter deadline is TBA for winter term courses only. The last day for voluntary withdrawals is TBA in fall term and TBA for spanned courses TBA in the winter term.

Please check your registration confirmation carefully in Aurora to be sure that you have the required number of credit hours for each year 30 credits,  This must include at least one perspective course in each of second and third year.

Transition Plan

Your ability to register in the appropriate priority sequence is affected by whether or not you have the correct program year in Aurora. Check your Aurora student file as soon as possible before registration to ensure that your registration time is correct and that you are in the appropriate year of the program. If your Aurora file is incorrect please send an email to Rosa Muller, with your name, student number and a brief explanation of the problem and we will do our best to fix it quickly so you can complete your registration.

For course selection forms, click the links corresponding to your year. Please note your registration dates.

If you are in third year, your registration time is August 5, 2021, at 11:00 am

  • Third Year

If you are in second year, your registration time is August 6, 2021, at 11:00 am

Navigating your options

  • Second Year

All first year students will be registered by the faculty.  Please check your Aurora account after August 10 for your schedule.

On August 11, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., registration will be open to both second- and third-year students.